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Bruno Veiga na Nova Banca Galeria

From time to time, Nova Banca Galeria will open its doors to receive projects from artists from the most diverse areas and languages.


With this we seek to promote, in the space, inspiring initiatives to broaden the scope and potential of these ideas.


The choice of the first of these individual exhibitions was not by chance. It has to do with Nova Banca itself, the belief that public spaces can be rethought and our presentation as an inclusive project and diffuser of new possibilities, which takes place on the sidewalk.


Bruno Veiga, photographer and visual artist, living in Lisbon. Over the last 17 years he has studied and photographed Portuguese sidewalks on both sides of the Atlantic, having published 3 books and held several exhibitions on the subject.


The exhibition counts with photographs taken in Portugal and in Rio de Janeiro, city where the visual artist lived and has the institutional support of the Portuguese Traditional Flooring Association, an institution dedicated to the protection, valorization, promotion and internationalization of the Portuguese traditional flooring as a cultural heritage and an identity factor of Lisbon and Portugal.


We from Nova Banca Galeria and Bruno Veiga count on your presence.



27.04 to 13.05.2023

Monday to Friday, 2pm to 7pm | Saturday, 12pm to 4pm.


Nova Banca Galeria - Duque de Saldanha Square, in front of number 33

Portuguese sidewalks, or Portuguese stones, as we call them in Brazil, are one of the most important expressions of the relationship between our countries. They represent how we mutually influence each other as nations and as peoples. For example, I mention the waves in Dom Pedro IV Square, the Mar Largo in Rossio, replicated on the edge of Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, which ended up becoming one of the marks of Brazil's visual identity, says Veiga.


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